1868 election

United states presidential election of 1868, american presidential election held on nov 3, 1868, in which republican ulysses s grant defeated democrat horatio seymour reconstruction era election the election of 1868 was the first to be held after the american civil war , and central to its outcome were the issues of reconstruction of the. For the results of the previous election, see united states presidential election of 1864 for the results of the subsequent election, see united states presidential election of 1872 results of the 1868 election the results of the 1868 us presidential election are provided in the table. Election of 1868 us grant was on good terms with andrew johnson , but the two parted unhappily over the issue of secretary of war stanton's dismissal under the tenure of office act grant probably could have had the nomination from either party, but he drifted into the radical republicans ' orbit.

General election and the succeeding history of liberal-labour relations there is nothing in the history of mid-victorian labour which provides a better insight into the intellectual and financial dependence of the labour leaders upon the gladstonians than the story of the secret agreement of 1868 for students of marx it has a particular interest. The united states presidential election of 1868 was the first presidential election to take place during reconstruction three of the former confederate states (texas, mississippi, and virginia) were not yet restored to the union and therefore could not vote in the election.

1868 election results grant vs seymour general ulysses grant received a unanimous vote on the first ballot at the republican convention grant had emerged from the civil war as the most popular hero. The 1868 united kingdom general election was the first after passage of the reform act 1867, which enfranchised many male householders, thus greatly increasing the number of men who could vote in elections in the united kingdom.

The national union republican party of the united states, assembled in national convention, in the city of chicago, on the 20th day of may, 1868, make the following declaration of principles: first—we congratulate the country on the assured success of the reconstruction policy of congress, as.

1868 election

The democratic party in national convention assembled, reposing its trust in the intelligence, patriotism, and discriminating justice of the people standing upon the constitution as the foundation and limitation of the powers of the government, and the guarantee of the liberties of the citizen and.

  • Election 1868 in the spring of 1999, fremont public library surveyed local government offices we wished to see what offices were keeping records of historical interest in our area.

The united states presidential election of 1868 was the 21st quadrennial presidential election, held on tuesday, november 3, 1868 in the first election of the reconstruction era, republican nominee ulysses s grant defeated democrat horatio seymour.

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1868 election
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